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Fresno Car Insurance Quotes Can Save You Up to $293 Each Year

Drivers in Fresno pay an average of $1,461 for their auto insurance. That is over $200 more expensive than the Fresno County average of $1,245. Fresno residents pay just under 6% more for auto insurance than the average California resident.

How Car Insurance Fresno Rates are Determined

The process insurance companies use in setting car insurance rates considers a lot of different items. Each insurance provider weighs the risks against the rates that make them competitive with other providers. It is known that everyone’s  driving plays a role in their insurance costs. Other items, like the make, model and age of your car, either increase or decrease total insurance costs. Other items include:

  • Location – Insurance providers look at larger cities as areas of greater risk for accident and damage claims. The concentration of cars and drivers will cause insurance rates to be higher. A population of 390,240 for Fresno County was reported for 2010. This gives the area a population density of 4,740 residents per square mile.
  • Driving To Work – Fresno commuters find frequent delays during rush hours. Driving to and from work in rush-hour traffic presents an increased risk of accidents. This is a factor that causes higher rates for car insurance. Fresno commuting times average 20 minutes. Fatal accidents were reported to occur at a rate of 4.8 per 100,000 people in 2009.
  • Auto Thefts – The theft of vehicles in large cities is a major expense for insurance providers.  Rates charged for coverage in urban centers reflect this cost. On an individual level, coverage can be more expensive if it is for a car on the list of often stolen vehicles. Various anti-theft devices can be purchased and installed to reduce these costs. A total of 4,780 cars was reported stolen in Fresno in 2011.
  • Education – One factor that can lower insurance rates is higher educational levels within a community and for individuals. It has been shown that higher levels of education result in fewer insurance claims. Rates are adjusted by insurance companies based on educational levels in a community. College graduates make up 13% of Fresno residents. This is a lower rate than the 17% average for all California residents. High school diplomas are held by 20% of residents, equal to the state average.

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