Cheap Car Insurance Oakland, CA – Save 30%

The car insurance Oakland, CA drivers select may not be the best price you can find. We provide information at that will match your personal situation. You can purchase cheap car insurance in Oakland simply by entering a few details in the quote box located above. With these few questions, you just hit “go.” The savings you can get today are shown on your screen.

Quotes for Oakland Car Insurance Can Save You Up to $309 Per Year

Oakland drivers pay an average of $1,432 for car insurance. That is just over 4% more expensive than the Alameda County average. That rate is also 6% more than the average California driver pays for coverage.

What Influences Car Insurance Oakland Rates

Insurance companies weigh a lot of factors to determine what to charge for insurance coverage. Their goal is to charge competitive rates while covering all their risks. The driving record of he insured is always a key item in any insurance rate. There are a lot of other items that can raise or lower total insurance costs. A few of the more important items are:

  • Location – Larger cities have more traffic and drivers on their roads. To insurance providers, increased traffic means increased risks to drivers. Increased risk means insurance rates will be higher. Oakland reported a population of 390,240 in 2010. That represents a population density of 6,970 residents per square mile.
  • Driving To Work – Oakland attracts a large number of commuters. Long commutes driven during rush-hour traffic increase the possibility of accidents. If you commute during rush hour, you will experience higher rates of auto insurance. Commuting times in Oakland average 30-35 minutes. Fatal accidents were below the California average, with 4.2 people per 100,000 in 2009.
  • Auto Thefts – Theft of autos cost insurers many millions of dollars every year. Theft of autos is a bigger problem in urban areas. Auto insurance rates in large cities reflect this cost. Certain cars are more popular targets for thieves than others. If you purchase on those models, you can expect to pay higher rates. The addition of anti-theft devices can earn a discount from most providers. There were 6,305 autos stolen in Oakland in 2011. This represents a very significant average of 1,595 cars per 100,000 people.
  • Education – Insurance providers have found that educational levels can affect the level of loss rates on auto coverage. Insurance companies will adjust rates based on educational achievement where you live. Residents of Oakland report that 21% have college degrees. This equals the California average. Only 19% have high school diplomas, which is below the state average of 21%.

Cheap car insurance in Oakland can be found easily by using a good comparison website. At we have put together everything you need to select the coverage and rate right for you. Quotes are personalized and provided quickly. With just the few details you enter at the quote widget located below, you can start saving big money today.

Thinking of moving soon? Well, you can still save money, especially if you’re moving to the nearby cities of San Jose, Los Angeles, or Fresno!

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