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Average Sacramento Auto Insurance Quotes — Save Up to $296 Per Year

Average annual prices for car insurance Sacramento residents pay is $1,501 and can run as high as $3,054. This is 2% more expensive than average prices for Sacramento County, and is $200 more than the average drivers pay in California.

Risk Factors determine how much you will be paying for car insurance Sacramento, CA.

Insurance companies evaluate a lot of factors in determining what to charge for auto insurance. Each factor increases or decreases the risk they are assuming. Things such as an individual’s age and driving record are understandable. That other items, like the color of your car and how long you have been driving, also count is surprising to some people. Other factors considered include:

  • Location – Living in a large city means living where there are more autos. More autos and drivers translate into the risk for more accidents. This risk increases the rates charged in an urban location.  The population of Sacramento is 466,488. This means there is a population density of 4,801 residents per square mile.
  • Driving To Work – Rush hours mean crowded and busy streets. It also means a greater risk of accidents. Whether or not you commute during rush hour and how long your commute is every day are risk factors that are important to insurance companies.  Average commute times in Sacramento are between 20-25 minutes. Just over 5 fatal accidents per 100,000 people were reported in 2009.
  • Auto Thefts – Auto theft is a major factor for large city insurance rate calculations. Sacramento ranks number 7 on the list of large city total annual auto thefts. Certain vehicles are favorite targets of thieves and increase rates for those models. One way to balance those risks is to add anti-theft devices that generally earn discounts. There were 3,335 cars stolen in Sacramento during 2011.
  • Education – Insurance providers have found that there is a connection between the level of education in a community and the insured driver. The higher the education level, the lower the accident and claims rate reported. Sacramento reports that 23% of its residents have at least an undergrad degree, an above-average  rate for California. Residents with a high school diploma are at 20%, just under the state average.

The goal of finding cheap car insurance in Sacramento is made easier to achieve with websites like The quick and easy process is designed to help you find an insurance quote that fits your budget. All you do is answer a few questions in the quote widget below, and you are a big step closer to saving money today.

Is Sacramento not your city? Well, you can still save money, especially if you live in Oakland, San Jose, or Los Angeles!

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