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If you are searching for car insurance San Diego, CA drivers prefer, we’ve made the effort easy. The information you will find at provides everything you need. Finding cheap San Diego car insurance is as easy as going to the quote box at the top of the page. Provide the details to a few questions. Then, just click “go.” You will see your potential savings in a flash.

Quotes for San Diego Car Insurance Can Save You Up to $283 Per Year

San Diego drivers pay an average of $1,481 for car insurance. That is 3% more expensive than the San Diego County average. The average California driver pays nearly 7% less for their insurance coverage.

Factors Affecting Car Insurance San Diego Rates

Insurance providers spend a lot of time and effort determining what to charge for auto insurance. They want to calculate competitive rates that cover their risks of coverage. These companies all start with the driving record of an individual. Then, they evaluate other details to set the rates charged in San Diego. Major items considered include:

  • Location – Large cities such as San Diego attract a lot of drivers and automobiles. Insurance companies see these larger numbers as more potential for accidents. That increased risk is reflected in higher insurance rates. A population of 1,307,402 was reported for San Diego County as of 2010. That represents a population density equal to 4,031 residents per square mile.
  • Driving To Work – The nature of the city of San Diego encourages a lot of rush hour commuters. If you have to drive during these hours, your insurance rates are going to be higher. San Diego commuting times average 20-25 minutes. Accidents involving fatalities averaged 5.6 per 100,000 people in 2009.
  • Auto Thefts – Auto insurers spend hundreds of millions of dollars each year covering auto theft costs. Big cities have high rates of theft. This increases auto insurance rates. There are specific models of cars that are favorite targets for thieves. Owning one of those cars will result in a higher cost for your coverage. You can earn discounts to these rates by adding anti-theft devices to your car. Thieves stole 6,259 autos in San Diego during 2011. This is a large number of thefts, representing 475 cars per 100,000 people.
  • Education – Education levels have proven to be strong indicators of risk for insurance providers. The higher the level of education, the lower the level of accidents and claims reported. San Diego residents hold a high percentage of undergraduate degrees at 29%. This is well above the state of California average of 21%. On the other hand, only 17% of residents are high school graduates, which is below the state average.

It is easy to find cheap car insurance in San Diego if you use the right information. That information is available at websites like You can quickly get insurance quotes personalized to your situation. Just provide the few details at the quote widget located below. We will get you the information needed to save money today.

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