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San Francisco Auto Insurance Quotes Can Save Up to $310 Annually

Car insurance San Francisco residents purchase averages $1,483 per year. This amount is almost 4% more expensive than average prices for other San Francisco County drivers. While this amount is 11% more costly than the California average, it is still less than the $1,500 national average.

Factors affecting car insurance rates in San Francisco, CA

When insurance providers sell coverage, they assume a certain risk. These risks include payments for injuries and property damage. The price for coverage reflects those risks. Insurance companies use factors like a driver’s safety record and the model and age of the car to calculate insurance rates. A surprising number of items are considered by the companies. Additional items include:

  • Location — Living in a big city has its advantages and disadvantages. Lots of cars and heavy traffic are two of the disadvantages. An increased number of cars creates more of a chance for auto accidents. San Francisco reported in 1010 a population of 805,235. The resulting population density of 17,245 residents per square mile is one of the nation’s highest.
  • Driving To Work — A long commute during rush hour can result in higher insurance rates. The heavy traffic increases the risk of an accident and injuries. An average commute time of just over 30 minutes is reported for San Francisco drivers. Fatal accidents totaled 4.8 per 100,000 people for 2010.
  • Auto Thefts — Auto thieves like big cities. From their point of view, there is a great selection of cars to steal. Insurance rates increase with high rates of theft. If the model of car you drive is a popular choice for thieves, it will increase your insurance costs. In San Francisco, there were 4,134 cars stolen during 2010.
  • Education — Insurance providers have learned that higher levels of education result in lower loss rates. Because of this, educational levels of both the driver and the community are considered in setting rates.  Over 34% of San Francisco residents have an undergraduate degree, higher than the average for California. High school diplomas are held by just over 12% of the population, a number slightly above the average for California as a whole.

Finding cheap car insurance in San Francisco can mean quality protection at affordable rates. Selecting the best insurance provider can be a complex and frustrating chore. With websites like that chore can be much easier. With the website doing all the work, and comparing the available options, you can choose with confidence. Just enter the few items listed into the quote widget below. Your free quotes will be available immediately.

Even if you don’t live in San Francisco, you can still save money. Just read our reports on San Diego, Sacramento, or Oakland!

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